Vital Shauchuk

Vital Shauchuk

Senior QA Engineer

Having an extensive experience in software testing and quality assurance, Vital Shauchuk became a highly sought-after QA Engineer. With a proficiency in manual and automation testing, Vital has successfully delivered quality software products and services for various clients and industries. He has a remarkable level of expertise in manual and automation testing using various programming languages, tools and frameworks. Vital is also exceptional in applying software quality standards and best practices, such as ISTQB and ISO. He is also passionate about learning new technologies and trends in software quality and sharing his knowledge and experience with others.

Been an author of multiple technical articles in major media and participating in numerous international conferences Vital became known as an internationally recognized QA expert. He has shared his insights and experiences on various topics and issues related to software quality, such as software testing techniques, software quality metrics, software quality assurance models, and software quality challenges and trends. Vital has also inspired and mentored many aspiring and novice software quality professionals and practitioners through his articles and presentations.

He worked with some of the mostly reputable world companies in the industry, such as Cox Automotive Inc., Beyond Now, EPAM Systems Inc. ​Vital participated in a number of huge international projects, such as the development of a cloud-based automotive marketplace, a digital platform, and a blockchain-based program, where he held key positions in software quality assurance.

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