​Ilia Sergunin

Ilia Sergunin

Senior Software Engineer

Ilia Sergunin is a senior software engineer with a strong dedication to effective problem-solving and the development of innovative solutions and instruments. With over eight years of extensive experience in IT, he has successfully demonstrated his proficiency in creating various sophisticated systems.

Ilia developed a medical information system and implemented a three-sided trade-in marketplace from inception to completion for Avito, one of the most prominent classified platforms.  His contributions extended to the creation of a QA linter, enhancing the quality assurance process by identifying missed test descriptions, which is now used by more than 200 services within the Avito ecosystem. He implemented a transaction manager for Golang that removes routine code and mitigates the risk of overlooking transaction closures or processing lapses when interfacing with the database.

Ilia’s commitment to knowledge sharing is evident through his role as a tutor at Skillbox and his participation as a speaker at esteemed conferences, including Highload and Conf42. One of his notable presentations focused on DDD in Go, where he elucidated tools to protect business logic from spreading in infrastructure code by gofactory and gopublicfield linters (code style checkers).  

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