Alexander Prisyazhnyy

Alexander Prisyazhnyy

Software Engineer

Alexander Prisyazhnyy is a distinguished Senior Software Engineer with a deep specialization in TypeScript, expertly navigating through the complexities of front-end development with React, React Native, and Vue, coupled with backend mastery in Node.js and Express. His expertise shines in architecting high-performance web application architectures, skillfully applying server-side rendering (SSR) and serverless technologies to elevate scalability and performance.

In his professional journey, Alexander has excelled at fostering collaboration among cross-functional teams, making intricate technical concepts accessible to non-technical stakeholders, and mentoring junior developers. His dedication to remaining at the cutting edge of technology trends underscores a genuine passion for innovation and lifelong learning.

Notably, Alexander has made significant contributions to the development community through his work on a React-based platform that streamlines project initiation for engineering teams. This platform, enriched with a robust set of tools and templates, was instrumental in harnessing the latest React features to boost application performance and fortify security against modern web threats. His efforts have consistently focused on reducing complexity, enhancing security, and improving performance across various projects.

Alexander's academic background is as diverse as his professional experience, holding degrees that span computer software engineering to foreign language teaching. This unique combination of technical and linguistic skills positions him as a highly effective communicator and a versatile contributor to any technology-driven project.

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