Alexander Akimov

Alexander Akimov

System Analyst

Alexander Akimov is an expert and analyst in the field of information technology, contactless payments, high-load systems, and complex IT solutions. He has over 12 years of experience in the IT industry. ​He started as a tester and grew to become a CTO.

Alexander's extensive experience includes developing and launching various projects, managing people, planning and designing architectural solutions. He has deep technical knowledge, the ability to effectively organize teams, build strategic plans, and make key decisions. He is skilled in project planning and execution, and knows how to transform processes to make them optimal and deliver maximum results. 

Alexander's specialization is creating products that are in demand and useful to users. His mission is to ensure the efficiency of teams and create stable and user-friendly products and systems. He also specializes in the transformation of IT processes, the optimization of value delivery, and the strengthening of collaboration between R&D teams and business. Alexander is also a co-founder of a HealthFoodTech startup, where he applies his experience and knowledge to innovative solutions in the field of healthy eating.

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